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Mathematics books and papers on the Web

The problem. For many years, PDF has been the standard format for viewing mathematics paper and books on a computer. While PDF has the useful features of printing well and being searchable, it has two disadvantages:

The SL2X solution. The above issues are not inherent limitations to the Web. We have been developing a new approach which addresses these shortcomings. The method involves extracting the underlying structure of the LaTeX source of the document, and then translating that structure into a more usable form, such as HTML.

The program which converts the LaTeX source in to HTML is called:

SL2X: Structured LaTeX to XML
We are using it to convert a few thousand math papers, and plan to give a demonstration at the AIM booth in the display area at the JMM in San Antonio in January.

David W. Farmer
Director of Programs, AIM

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